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Proposed By-Law Change to be Considered at April 7, 2017 Meeting

At the April 7, 2017 meeting, this motion was presented, seconded, discussed but voted down therefore the by-laws remain unchanged.

Pursuant to the notification rules, at the April 7th, 2017 meeting, SPARC will consider a By-Law change. This was introduced at the last meeting.

The proposed change is as follows:

Proposed to amend Article 5, Section 1 by adding

2. Prior to a vote of the membership authorizing a non emergency equipment expenditure >$200 the Secretary or party designated by the Secretary, shall make notice as to the type of equipment being sought by the club to the SPARC electronic mailing list 30 days prior to a final vote.  The intent of this notice shall be to locate needed equipment or substantially similar equipment locally, at reduced cost/donated from the SPARC membership.

The executive board shall have the power to designate expenditures exceeding this amount as emergency on a case by case basis.  An emergency expenditure is not subject to this section, however mailing list notice is still encouraged if possible.

Nothing in this section shall preclude debate during any meeting regarding proposed equipment expenditures.

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