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NAQP RTTY Effort a Success

The W4TA SPARC contest team set another club record this weekend. Eight operators were able to make 950 QSOs and 147 multipliers in 12 hours on four different bands for a total of 139,650 claimed points. Our previous record was 94,416 claimed points in July of 2012. Quite an improvement.

Special thanks to Ron, KP2N in organizing, preparing for and keeping the effort on track. Additionally for keeping the equipment humming (and making noise), and for his patience in mentoring the less experienced members of the team,

Additional thanks to Tom, NY4I, for getting our logging software up to date, to Joy, XYL of W4CU, for the batch of crockpot meatballs, to Ron, KP2N for the Sloppy Joes, to Roger, K4SHI, for the loan of a 15 meter bandpass filter, and to Tom, W4CU and Rex, KB8ESY for repairing the dipole support pole and getting it back in the air.

Operators participating in this contest were: Rex ,KB8ESY; Paul, KA4IOX; John, KI4UIP; Dave, KR4U; Ron, KP2N; Bob, N2ESP; Dee, N4GD; Scotty, N4RI; Don, VE3XD; Tom, W4CU and Leslie, WA4EEZ. 

This contest will be run again in July. If you would like to participate, contact one of the happy team members above for information.

“RYRYRYRY” (It’s a RTTY thing….)


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