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Elmer (Mentor) List

An Elmer is an endearing term used for a fellow ham that is willing to help others with issues related to the hobby. In days past, your Elmer was the person that helped you put up your first antenOM & Harmonicna and make your first contact. The following individuals have graciously offered to help out anyone that needs help in their various areas. If you need some new assistance, please get in contact with one of the people listed below.

If you would like to volunteer to be an Elmer, please contact SPARC President Bob, N2ESP.

Specialty Name Call Contact Information
Digital, CW, and Antennas Dave Trewin KR4U
RTTY, Repeaters Ron Hall KP2N
HF, 10-10, County Hunters Leslie Johnson WA4EEZ
Classic Radio Operation & Maintenance Open
Antennas, equipment choice, learning CW,and license upgrade. Open
Station/Computer integration, satellites and DSTAR Tom Schaefer NY4I

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