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Equipment for Sale

This equipment is available for sale from SPARC. If you are interested in anything on this list, please contact us.

DrakeMN-20003.5-30 MHz 2 KW SSB$175
Ten Tec228200 Watt 1.8-30 MHz$40
MFJ941C300 Watt 1.8-30 MHz$75
KenwoodTS-930SSolid state 1.8-30 MHz. 100 watts + output. Rig works fine in USB/LSB mode for SSB or digital. NOT working in CW or FSK modes. Good display. Built in PS. No Mic. Comes with Kenwood manual$200
Radio ShackHTX-1010 meter SSB/AM/FM 25 watt. Will do repeater splits.$65
DrakeTR-4tube type with RV-4 external VFO, AC-3 AC power supply, DC-4 DC power supply, MS-1 external speaker cabinet also housing AC-3, Desk mic, all interconnecting cables, Drake manual$ 300 or OBO
AstronPS-12linear 120 VAC in, 13.8 VDC out @ 12 A ICAS, 9 A CONT.$20
AzdenPCS-40002 M with DC power cable, mic & manual. 25 watts out. Radio bench checks OK but needs new memory battery. No built in PL tones$20
YaesuFT-208R2 M HT with desktop charger, External mic.$10
KenwoodTH-K20A2 M HT 5.5 Watts output with Manual, desktop charger, original factory carton$95
KenwoodTH-28A2 M HT 5.0 Watts output. No Charger or manual. Will also receive 400-450 MHz for x-band operations.$20
DiawaCN-720BSWR bridge 1.8-150 MHz 4î Cross needle meter. 20/200/2000 watt scale$50
DiawaCM-410MMobile SWR bridge 3.5-150 MHz 15/150 watt scale$40
Albia500 MHz frequency counter$35
MFJ410cw keyer/teacher$20
DiawaF-406KActive RX audio filter$20
Microcraftcode reader$25
Pac-commTNC plus manual. HF & VHF Packet$20

If you are interested in anything on this list, please contact us.

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