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Free General Interest Ham Radio Newsletter

Want to learn more about the people and things that make up our hobby? The K9YA Telegraph is an amateur radio publication that is written by its subscribers for its subscribers. Downloadable once a month in pdf format, the publication’s motto is “Good News about Amateur Radio.” Articles range from human interest to history, nostalgia, old gear and just plain fun.

For sample issues and a free subscription to the K9YA Telegraph, visit


Unique Call Sign Gift

Looking for a really neat unique gift for a fellow ham? Try personalized (call sign) US Postage stamps. See the URL below.

Scroll down the page for other ham stamps.


*Lagniappe: (LAN-yap) “A little something extra.”

SPARC Lagniappe*

Wireless (radio) has a long tradition at sea. If you’re an avid reader, you might enjoy some of these books about maritime radio and radio officers.

  • One Hundred Years of Maritime Radio by W D Goodwin
  • Blackwater by Harold Lawrence Tredree (set aboard the SS NORMANDIER)
  • Deep Sea Sparks – a Canadian Girl in the Norwegian Merchant Navy by Olive J Carroll
  • Dots, Dashes and Spindrift by Dan Williams
  • Fated by Charlie Gregory (ex R/O GKR, O/C GNF, Radio Surveyor Cardiff SRIO)
  • Ferry Destiny by Dan Williams
  • Life Aboard a Wartime Liberty Ship by Ian M Malcolm
  • Memories of a Sea Gipsy by Derek Peters
  • QTC – I Have a Message for You by “Sparks” (Ray Redwood)
  • SOS TO THE RESCUE by Karl Baarslag [title subsequently changed to “Famous Sea Rescues”]
  • Sparks at Sea by R W Chandler
  • Sparks in the Parks: by W Hutcherson
  • Through Salt Sprayed Eyes by Robert Welsh
  • To Catch a Shadow by Leon Wortman
  • The Wireless Officer by Percy Westerman
  • Watchers of the Waves: a history of British Coast Radio Stations
  • Wireless at Sea, The First Fifty Years
  • History of The Radio Officer in the British Merchant Navy And on Deep-Sea Trawlers;
  • CQ-GTZM – Diary of a Maritime Radio Officer

*Lagniappe: (LAN-yap) “A little something extra.”

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